FPK Academy

Smart Academy provides a wide range of international professional study, training, practice and performance in various arts and professions for students looking for abroad., through the collaboration with different educational and professional institutes.

Strategic Alliance

We are pleased to announce that Smart Campus Consultancy Ltd. (Smart Campus) and Salzburg College (www.salzburgcollege.edu) have entered into a strategic alliance to offer educational services for Chinese and Asian students and professionals. Smart Campus has the honor of acting as the exclusive representative of Salzburg College for the various educational programs developed especially for Chinese students and professionals.

Service Collaboration

In this respect, Salzburg College, the Austrian-Chinese Music and Culture Exchange Association (OCFMK, www.ocfmk.org) and Smart Campus Consultancy Ltd. have entered a strategic collaboration to offer the Salzburg College Youth Orchestra Academy. This year the Music Summer Academy will take place providing master classes with members of a professional orchestra and professional orchestral performance opportunities. Participants are given the unique and most valuable orchestra experience with master training.